Our Philosophy:

Oriental medicine is an intricate system of healing that treats each patient as an individual. Treatment protocols are formulated to support the uniqueness found within each person. This approach is what makes acupuncture and Chinese medicine so effective. Each person is unique and disharmonies within an individual will manifest differently. By creating a treatment protocol that addresses the distinctive expression of disharmony found within each individual optimal health can be achieved.

Oriental Medicine is a whole body medicine. We believe the individual should be treated as an intricate networking of mind-body interplay. This interplay is what determines our relationships, our ability to express ourselves, to work, to focus and ultimately our overall vitality and health. By implementing a mind-body philosophy to healing, excellent and long lasting results can be obtained.

You cannot do unto the body and not affect the mind and you cannot do unto the mind and not affect the body.

Four Flowers Oriental Medicine provides quality, honest health care that is affordable and effective. We embrace and employ the ancient art of Chinese medicine while incorporating modern research and up-to-date approaches to wellness.

The first appointment is an extensive assessment of your health history, dietary habits and other lifestyle choices. Each appointment that follows is a process of analyzing progress and modifying treatments to best suit where one is at in the healing process. We utilize an array of modalities to address complicated health concerns. Throughout the journey we are constantly reassessing to insure that we are providing you with the best information and approaches to healing.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.